Florida Bass League Rules

1. Must Compete in 7 out of the 10 Tournaments to qualify for the 2 day Championship classic.


3. $70.00 entry fee per boat per tournament. $60.00 for tournament and $10.00 for Big Bass Pot.

4. 80% payback each tournament. 20% goes towards the championship classic and trophies.

5. May fish alone or with another angler.

6. Artificial bait only. NO LIVE BAIT ALLOWED!

7. Fish on beds must be caught with a lure in the mouth. No snagging, fish must eat the bait. Each fish in a live well must be caught in the mouth using an artificial lure only. No snagging, netting or picking up of a dead floating fish. 

8. 5 fish limit.

9. 5 fish max in the boat at one time. Exception would be culling only. No culling of dead fish. If a fish dies it must be weighed in.

10. 12 inch minimum length of fish. No max length, permits will be pulled.

11. Each boat launch is determined by order of fees paid at each tournament.

12. All weigh ins are at 3:00 pm unless otherwise discussed at boat ramp.

13. No fishing within 50 yards of another boat that is anchored or their trolling motor is down unless given permission by the boater.

14. Waiver forms must be filled out before competing in any tournaments.

15. Big Bass & Big Bag of the year candidates must qualify for the Championship Classic in order to win each category.

16. Each angler or team must fish 7 out of 10 tournaments to qualify for the Championship Classic.

Weigh In:

1. Weigh in is at 3:00 pm sharp. Angler or teams late for weigh in will be accessed a half a pound for each minute late. 

2. Each dead fish is a one pound penalty. Three dead fish max. More than three dead fish will result in a disqualification. 

3. To win Big Bass, fish must be alive. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4. If the Biggest Bass is a tie, the award will go to the angler or team with the most weight.

5. In the event of a weigh in tie, the team with the biggest fish will win the finishing position.

These are the rules of the Florida Bass League and may only be amended by the FBL President & Director.